Same ease in getting married at city hall 
equally beautiful locations

weddings that are affordable, fun and easy - just like City Hall Weddings- just in  new locations! 

We are a team- professional photographers and officiants - with a passion for capturing happy moments. Ok we know, you’ve heard this line before. But we are serious! You will be greeted with a smile and we will be so happy for you! We know what it’s like to get married, and we understand all the feels that you are going through.

Grab your license & head over to

San Francisco!

City Hall-Like Weddings

• Find out a date/time that will work with you and your fiance (and up to 8 guests)
• Book through our "book now" page!

• Grab your license! Here are some quick links that can help you acquire your marriage license before we meet you:

• Get married by our amazing officiant, and have your photographer capture your wedding experience! In general, the photographer is available for approximately 30-45 minutes of your time - they will know all the cool spots/poses, so all you have to think is: get married, get amazing photos, and enjoy your wedding day!

• Within 7 days of your wedding, you will receive an edited online gallery of photos!

Wondering what the photos will look like?
Check out our most recent portfolios here and learn more about how we keep all our photos consistent regardless of the photographer you get in our FAQs!

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STEP 2: Grab your license & MEET US AT CITY HALL



Santa Cruz


San Joaquin

San Francisco*

*It is hard to get appointments in SF- space is very limited. You may want to try the other locations first


Short and Simple Package

$525 Flat Rate!


- Officiant services (simple ceremony, signing of the certificate, sending off the paperwork)

- A 30-45 minute photo session after the ceremony at the ceremony location

- All edited digital images (at least 50 images)

- Faux bouquet and veil to borrow for photos upon request

Option to add: Fresh flower bouquet and boutonniere, video recording or ceremony, and extend photoshoot to another location!

Officiant Only

$225 Flat Rate!


- Officiant services (simple ceremony, signing of the certificate, sending off the paperwork)

Perfect for those of you who just want to get married, and you have photography covered already.

We have a standard script, but the ceremony script can be customized to how you will like up to the day before your wedding!

seriously... it's that simple!

so, what are you waiting for?!

book your time now

Because wedding photos should be as

easy & affordable